Even in the midst of up to 12 others in your indoor Boot Camp, your trainer leads you through every workout while providing individual attention when needed. We switch up the routines on a daily basis, because your body quickly adapts to routines. Confusing your muscles will result in more muscle and burn fat much faster. Plus, this keeps you excited about returning to Boot Camp! You will work just about every muscle group within 45-minutes of this group fitness training sessions. Golightly Fit incorporates several pieces of strength, speed & cardio equipment such as resistance bungees, gym rings, boxing bags/gloves, kettle bells, barbells, medicine balls, plyo boxes, agility ladders, and bosu balls making for fun and interactive circuit training.

Indoor Training

While we will take part of your session outdoors on nice days, having the ability to train indoors keeps you more accountable because bad weather is no longer an excuse. We also train on 2-inch rubber mats, which helps prevent injuries. At Golightly Fit, you’ll find free-range equipment along with Trainers that will instruct you on the proper way to use your body to get the results you’re willing to work for. With no more machines to hide behind, you’ll never be nameless or faceless while pretending to workout again! While we are fully insured, we value our clients and keep our facility and practices safe in every possible way.

All new members experience soreness for the first week or so, but we’ll get you through it. We can guarantee that you’ll have started feeling much better than you have in a very long time! We know that it’s hard to really push yourself on your own. A trainer is ideal for providing motivation and accountability. Working out in groups makes it fun, encouraging and it even promotes a little healthy competition — which will ultimately help you to continue making improvements in your body and your life. However, 70% of weight loss is due to diet! Which is why we provide you with a nutritional guide and basic meal plan for you to learn how to maximize the hard work in Boot Camp.


You won’t find another personal training studio like us. We implement the Circuit Training method for the variety and results. Circuit training combines intervals of cardio drills and muscle conditioning exercises to provide you with the ultimate workout. At Golightly Fit, we have anywhere from 5-6 stations consisting of different exercises for you to rotate throughout your session. We practice a great deal of weight training, but you are also getting more cardio than if you sprinted for 2 miles. You will never experience the same setup more than once EVER as each session is always different to promote muscle confusion. Our facility was designed with your safety and comfort in mind, so you won’t find bulky exercise equipment here. All you need is open space, free weights and the best machine out there… your body!Prepare to be pushed to YOUR limit in these full-body Boot Camp or Personal Training sessions packed with lots of variety and tons of fun!



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