Our Mission

“We exist to constantly challenge and lead our members to achieve the highest level of sustainable fitness possible in a fun, relaxed setting.”

our history


Golightly Fit was established in 2012 by Gerald and his wife, Dominique Golightly. This couple was determined to create a family-run fitness club that offered a more personal and specialized approach for professionals seeking to manage their weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Just days after becoming certified and accredited by NASM, Gerald began training a few of his co-workers during their lunch breaks. After word spread about the  results and camaraderie his clients were experiencing, more and more co-workers and their family and friends commissioned Gerald for his time.

In less than a few months, Gerald was able to give up training outdoors and other crowded spaces and opened our first facility. It was only a matter of time before Gerald decided to quit his job to pursue his dream and spend more time with his family.

While Golightly Fit has grown a great deal since then, Gerald is still very involved with Group Training and Personal Training sessions. And, his wife is still doing all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

Together, they have built an awesome team of trainers in a family-like environment and have been fortunate enough to help hundreds of people meet their health goals. We hope to serve you soon!

our trainers

  • Gerald Golightly
    Gerald Golightly Owner
  • Trevonne Everson
    Trevonne Everson Boxing Specialist
  • Viktor Jelici
    Viktor Jelici Group Fitness Instructor