New Location Coming Soon!

Since Golightly Fit started just a few months ago, we have been fortunate enough to acquire an amazing family of clients. We like to consider our clients as “family” because Gerald makes it a priority to know each and every one of you on a personal level surpassing the notion that this is just business. It is our hope that each of you know that you are richly appreciated for entrusting us to achieve your health and fitness goals.

From the Boot Camp group to those that are trained privately, the Golightly Fit family has grown immensely. So much that we’ve had the demand for our own larger, (well-kept) facility. We are very please to announce that we have in fact secured this warehouse studio.

We are so excited to share the beginning stages with you as we enter into Phase 2 of the renovation. There were walls containing small office areas that we have managed to knock down to create a more open floor plan. Check it out:

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As you can see there is still much to be done, but we are working tirelessly to create a spacious, top-of-the-line studio for clients to enjoy. We are installing a full bathroom with shower as well as changing rooms. There will be more details are soon to come, but for now I will assure you that it is still in a convenient location in Norcross, GA. Doors will be open by next month, February 2013. Understand that this will be a work in progress, but your safety and comfort are playing a huge factor in the overall design of the new Golightly Fit studio.

Stay tuned for more updates as our progress continues… Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter!