Cassandra Sherrill GoLightly Fit

Looking for a new gym, look no further! Welcome home.

Like many women, I was struggling with low self-esteem when I began to gain weight. I worked a very stressful job where I found comfort in food and jelly beans. Not liking what I saw in the mirror, I decided to do something about it- time to hit the gym. I am not a fan of individual workouts, so I went on the hunt for a group training class. After gym hopping for a few weeks, I discovered GoLightly Fitness.

When I walked in, I was immediately greeted by a lovable pup named “Legend” and a big smile from Gerald. From the warm welcomes and family-friendly atmosphere, I felt like I found a second home- and that’s exactly what it was. No longer was I dreading working out but was looking forward to the next class. In between stations, I shared giggles with friends, and working out became fun. No longer was it about the weight, it was about being happy and just feeling good- but I did shed the pounds and began to gain muscle.

If you are looking for a new gym, look no further! Welcome home.