We’ve Made a Few Changes

Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. – Robert Kennedy


As our company continue to grow, changes are bound to happen. We are really excited about them too. To keep you in the loop and avoid confusion, here is a brief review of the small changes Golightly Fit has made over the last couple of months.

NEW Services

We are now offering Corporate Wellness! Our goal is to educate the employees of local companies regarding the benefits of regular exercise and to empower them with the ability to reach their personal fitness goals. We offer an alternative to the over-crowded, impersonal chain-gyms that many businesses consider when implementing a wellness program. We offer many options for companies from discounted rates our Boot Camp and Personal Training services to . We will help them to achieve a lifestyle of wellness that only comes from being active and making healthier decisions in their everyday life.

Our other two services include: Boot Camp & Personal Training. While personal training remains unchanged, we’ve have changed our derivatives of Group Fitness to simply Boot Camp. While there are different times and different instructors, the sessions itself are very comparable. With that in mind, we figured we’d keep it consistent. Boot camp is still great for all levels of fitness.

NEW Pricing Structure

We now display our competitive prices right on the website in an easy to read format so that there is no wondering. Click on the service from the menu above and look for RATES. There you will find affordable options for you to choose from depending on your commitment term. It’s simple… the longer your commitment, the more money you save.

NEW Boot Camp Times

Golightly Fit introduced TWO new Boot Camp times in the morning to accommodate our grown client base. You can now choose to register for 6:15am or 7:15am. As always sessions last 45 minutes.

We realize the benefits of working out in the morning. The energy for the day, the convenience of being right before work (for many) and the less crowded groups. We will be adding even more times in the near future, so stay updated by signing up for our monthly email newsletter.