It’s more than a workout – It’s The Ultimate Circuit Training Experience!

You walk into our airy warehouse studio and you just know it’s about to go down. There is this energy you get once those 20′ doors open up and the beat to our one-of-a-kind playlists starts blasting.

You start warming up with a group of up to 20 and you’re coached by a magnetic Trainer, who support you, coach you and push you to reach your personal best. And together we sweat, push, and recover, together.

So, what exactly is Circuit Training? Think of it as a game of musical chairs in which you do one exercise for 30 seconds to 5 minutes and then move on to another exercise.

Everyone begins at a station (that is, a place where an exercise is done), and when your Trainers yells “Time” everyone moves to the next free station.

You continue this circuit throughout the duration of your class (typically 2-5 times). Now, let’s get you ready for class!


We know trying new things can be daunting, so we want you to know how to prepare before you get to the studio.

Hydration. You’ll work up a sweat, so it’s important to hydrate before and during class. We have gatorade, pre-workouts and bottled water for sale, but you can also bring your own bottle to fill up at our filtered water fountain.

No Heavy Meals. Do not eat a heavy meal within 2 hours before your class, but don’t starve your self either.  We suggest you eat a light snack 45 minutes to an hour before training. No later, because that can cause cramps and make you sick during your workout. Aim for something with carbohydrates and protein.

Come As You Are. While we do not have any strict dress code, it would benefit you to wear sneakers and comfortable workout clothes. We also have performance t-shirts and tanks for sale at the front desk.


If you’re new around here, take advantage of our Free Trial.

Booking. Classes can be reserved up to three weeks in advance through our SCHEDULE. Cancellations will be accepted up to 2 hours prior to a class with no penalty.

Waitlisting. We highly recommend that you reserve your class online!  If the class is full, you can opt to be put on the waiting list.  We take up to 5 people on the list.  If a spot becomes available, you will automatically be put in the class.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail and will become subject to the cancellation policy, so be sure to check your e-mail often.  Wait list names are accepted up to 30 min prior to class.

Cancelling. All cancellations must be done in your online account. If you reserve a class and do not cancel within 2 hours of the class time your account will be charged $20 for the class if you don’t show up.

Late Arrivals.  Please be on time for class. Empty spots will be released at the start of class and you will be charged for the class.

Walk-Ins. You are always welcome without a reservation. You may join the class on a space available basis.  Even if the class is fully reserved, empty spots will be released to walk-in customers at the start of class.


We can’t wait to see you at the studio! Here’s what to expect when you step in the doors for the very first time:

Arrive Early. Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled time and let us know you’re new. You’ll be given a quick tour, a chance for some Q&A, and be paired with a partner to help you through the circuits.

Sign In. You’ll find a tablet at the front desk. Type your name in the search and sign-in.

Lockers. We have lockers where you can store your things while you workout.

The Workout. You’ll be partnered up with a veteran to guide you through the circuit. Your Trainer will of course be there to assist with form or if you need any help.

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