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25 Ways To Flat Abs

If you are serious about wanting a tighter core then hold off on the fad drugs and crazy diets. Start with just a few of these tips to be on your way to some pretty impressive abs. 1. Drink water before eating. It makes you “feel” fuller. 2. Eat More! Or should I say, eat more often. Eating about 5 meals a day trains your stomach to get fuller, faster. 3. Eat s-l-o-w-l-y. Studies have shown that you consume…

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Lunch Break Boot Camp Is Here

So, we’ve just kicked off our first week of Boot Camp! Over a dozen motivated co-workers and friends have signed up for an intense 5-week experience. These individuals took advantage of the introductory price of just $125. Boot Camp is a perfect way to get in shape for an upcoming wedding, high school reunion or that tropical vacation! My program is effective because it not only gets you results fast, but it teaches you a whole new way of…

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