Golightly Fit and Saige Chefs is a partnership made in a healthy heaven! Saige Chefs is an atlanta-area kitchen that prepares delicious meals made to match your individual tastes and dietary preferences, and those of your family members too!

They make it super easy for you to get fresh, delicious, and carefully crafted meals too. All you do is sign up at their website, fill out your taste profile, and voila–amazing, custom dinners delivered weekly to your door!

To celebrate our partnership with Saige, we’re giving away one month of our group training Starter membership ($99 value) AND $75 credit from Saige to our giveaway winner on instagram!

The lucky winner will be announced on Wednesday 8/8/18! But, all current members at Golightly Fit will receive an exclusive discount of 50% (up to $30) on first TWO weeks of Saige meal deliveries by using code GLFIT50 at heysaige.com