Most of us love the idea of surviving the zombie apocalypse–scavenging for supplies while outrunning hordes of the undead for days on end. If you’ve ever watched a zombie/apocalypse movie or tv series, you may have found yourself wondering: “Would I survive?”

Gym memberships would be worthless, and our usual training partners–unfortunately–would be probably be among the flesh and brain-eating dead. Staying alive would take more than canned food, makeshift hatchets, and shaky alliances. If you can’t run, fight, and keep moving, then you’ll soon be joining that workout partner of yours.

Don’t worry! You’ll have a strong chance at survival when the time comes if you brave this intense week of training. We’ll be turning Golightly Fit into a full on post-apocalypse zone and would love to have you join us for some challenging fun.



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  • 5 Group Training Classes
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