We all know know that achieving fitness goals has a positive impact on your health, strength, and weight loss. It’s the main motivation behind you to getting up for that early-morning workout or heading to the gym on your lunch hour, right? But have you realized how prioritizing your fitness has benefits for other important areas of your life, as well?

Scientific studies and real-life examples prove that consistent exercise can impact your work performance, your personal goals — and even help you with your bucket list.

Try to imagine the hardest, scariest thing you ever done. A parent might say raising kids. A recovering addict might say quitting their drug habit. An entrepreneur might say quitting their job to start their own business.

Whatever it is, it all started with a goal. One day they said, “I am going to…” and they did it. Do you understand the bravery and pure determination it takes to achieve a goal?

Maybe you’re not aiming to become Forbes ’30 Under 30′, but the overwhelmingly rewarding feeling you get from achieving a goal is not only blissful — it’s empowering!

You begin to think,”If I can be a mom, I could be anything.” Or, “If I can stop smoking, I can do anything!” Or, “If I can quit my unfulfilling job and make a living doing what makes me happy, what else can I do?”

How Exercise Gives You Confidence And Motivation For Personal Goals

Making it through your 30 minutes of cardio with less panting, knocking out reps, and reaching new time, distance and speed goals at the gym makes you feel proud of yourselfThere’s a personal sense of accomplishment.

An exercise routine can show you how much you’re capable of if you set your mind to it — a quality some call personal efficacy. At first, it might show up as greater motivation for going to the gym, more confidence about enrolling in a fitness class, or the drive to push yourself even harder than before. Inevitably, it will also rub off into other areas of your life.

Along with body building, when you’re at the gym you are confidence building! The confidence it takes to quit that bad habit, to ask for that raise, to talk to that girl or guy you’ve been crushing on.  It can give you confidence you’ll need to pursue the goals and dreams you’ve been hesitant (or didn’t even have the energy) to tackle before.

After all, what’s making an extra $500 a month if you can crank out pull-ups and burpees at the gym? It’s all mental – The same catalyst it takes to do those pull-ups and burpees, is the same as accomplishing any goal!

Clearly, the benefits of exercise go way beyond physical results. The next time you’re tempted to skip your workout, think about how prioritizing exercise impacts not only your fitness goals, but your life goals.

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