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How Do You Like Them Eggs

What’s not to love about eggs? They have 11 essential vitamins and minerals, including phosphorus, folate, vitamin A and vitamin B12. Eggs can help you to feel fuller for longer, so they’re great for breakfast or pretty much any meal. Or as a quick snack! They are one of my favorite natural protein foods because they’re cheap to buy and you can use them SO MANY ways! Get ready to learn how to make eggs just the way you like them!…

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5 Important Health Checkup Reminders For Women

As I’m sure you’re well aware, October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Ladies, I would be remiss if I didn’t use my platform to give yet another reminder. I can see you rolling your eyes now. “How is this MAN going to tell me about women’s health?” Well, sure, I’m definitely not a ‘breastpert”! However, I have been married (to a woman) for almost a decade. I do have a mother, sisters as well as friends and clients that…

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