Many of us start the year with good intentions, but approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February. While the odds are against us, Laura Ramirez proved that it’s definitely not impossible. Laura joined Golightly Fit three months ago, she’s lost 19 lbs, 3 dress sizes and shows no signs of stopping. Here’s her story:

I work an office job with little to no physical activity Monday thru Friday. I used to exercise a lot back in high school, but stopped being active due to a back injury years ago playing soccer.

Had I not reached the point in my life that I did in January of 2018, I probably would have postponed losing weight yet again. There was always “no time” in my busy schedule. We are all human. We all want to have a success story but do we change ourselves to be successful? The first small key thing I learned in this journey which was important was inspiration. My biggest inspiration was myself.

I wanted to be a better person for myself. To build more confidence within myself would mean everything else in my life would take on for the better.

This “wanting” to lose weight goal had been transpiring over the course of the years. But something happened in January 2018. I felt inspired. And a lot of people pulled me down.
I had close friends and family that did not believe in me.

But I decided that I was not going to do it for anybody else but myself. I wanted a better version of myself because I knew I could. Just like you can.

I want to share my story because I want to make it known that I am as human as you are.

And, if I can accomplish my goal so can you. If you are willing to learn commitment, determination, discipline, and consistency you will be successful. From January to today, my life changed!

In January, I met my trainer Gerald at Golightly Fit. I remember thinking, “What am I getting into?” And to be honest I was probably more curious than committed at this point.

I did a Saturday morning session. As we finished the workout, I said to myself, “This is what I can envision myself doing and be successful.” The amount of motivation I felt that day was tremendous.

Yes, I was a little on the heavier side therefore the workout was a little tougher but Gerald kept pushing me and motivating me that morning. I had finally felt like someone really believed in my goals.

Everyone there, including Gerald, was there for the same reason—to reach goals.

This was the day I had to commit to myself. I needed change.

I joined Gerald’s team at Golightly Fit. Today, as I write about my weight loss journey, I am grateful I made this decision and have stayed committed to this training team. I have made wonderful friends that motivate me to push harder everyday.

The best part of being with this training team is seeing each one of us achieve our goals. To fuel others to achieve their goal is the best feeling I have felt in a long time.

What is it going to take to be a better version of yourself? I’ve discovered the key: Consistency.

Anyone can be a better version of themselves if you learn to be consistent. There have been good days and bad days.

Just like every other year where I had the motivation to start, I was never successful.

I use to pay a tremendous amount of fees to join a gym and never got the results I wanted and would ultimately give up.

I lacked consistency and—honestly, going to a “normal” gym was always torture—I always failed.

Now, even on my odd days where I lack the energy I push myself to stay committed and be consistent with my training sessions.

And even when I do fail some days I make sure the next day I push harder!

Aside from inspiration, commitment, and consistency came the last thing I learned in this journey. And that was discipline. As I left Golightly Fit that Saturday morning, I remember
thinking, “How bad do you want it, Laura?”

Discipline has been a major factor in this journey as well. I had to set guidelines to be successful. A lot of people ask me how my diet is going. I would like to make it known that it is no longer a diet, it is a lifestyle.

The lifestyle I have right now led me to the goals that I set and achieved.

I have disciplined myself to clean eating and learning that discipline is not supposed to be torture. Discipline is doing what you need to do even when you don’t want to.

Set a couple of boundaries on your eating habits and see how far you can go. Your body achieves what your mind sets. Let it become a lifestyle.

And last but not least there is never a right day to start. The question is: How bad do you want it?

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